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We offer hourly training and consultation on how to get the best out of your current website & marketing.

Hello! I’m Chris

Psychologist, Digital Marketer, Yoga Teacher and an advocate of positive psychology and mindfulness.

With a Masters in Psychology majoring in Counselling and Therapy, I understand that marketing for therapists is unique. You can’t copy and paste the strategies that you would use for other businesses.

I have a strong focus on values and ethics when it comes to marketing strategies for Therapists, Counsellors & Psychologists

Digital Marketing Strategies for Therapists


Changing lives and marketing yourself require entirely different skills. You know how to help a client get through the worst day of their life. But building a website? Figuring out Google Ads, Servers, Hosting and SEO?


That’s where I come in. I’ve years of experience in digital marketing, as well as a Masters in Psychology. I’m in a unique position to grasp what you do, as well as build a marketing strategy that delivers..


I’ll deliver a website and marketing strategy for you, which allows you to focus on what you do best. Freeing up your time so you can help and work with more clients, helping more people live a fulfilling and happier life.

Building The Best Online Therapy Sites

It’s a given that your website should be beautiful, professional, mobile friendly and fast. But the most important thing that your website should do is get clients to book their first session with you.

Your potential client is looking for help with issues they are facing, your websites role is to get them to book their first session, as that is where they’ll get the help they need.

In digital marketing speak we call this conversion optimisation. It’s the process of designing a website that maximises the chances of someone booking an appointment, it’s what we do best.


Search Engine Marketing For Therapists

You have an awesome website, designed for conversion optimisation. That’s great, but it’s only the first stage, you still need to clients to find you. For a website that almost certainly means being found on Google.

There’s two ways to do this, and in most cases it will mean a combination of the two. The first is via organic search by an approach called Search Engine Optimisation. The second is via paid search using Google Ads.

When using Search Engine Marketing, it’s important that you reach the right clients that fit your services. You need to think about the groups that your services fit with do you specialise in Child, Couple, LGBTQ+? What type of therapy you use is it CBT, PCT, Psychoanalytical, Solution Focused etc. Is it for particular issues such as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships?

By defining those three different categories, it allows you to build your Search Engine Marketing strategy to make sure you attract the clients that are the best fit for the services you offer. This benefits both you and the client.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google scans / indexes your website regularly. From this it understands what your website is about, and then ranks you according to search terms that it thinks you’re relevant for.

There’s over 200 different factors that Google takes into account when ranking your website. The most important factors are related to the URL, inbound links, meta tags, the intent of a keyword, how your content is structured, how fast your page loads, and numerous technical SEO specifications that vary in importance based on the topic.

When we build websites we take all these factors into account, delivering not only beautiful conversion optimised sites, but also ones that get ranked on Google.

There maybe some quick wins on your website, but typically it takes time to get the results from SEO.

The great thing about Search Engine Optimisation is that you can get to the first page of Google without having to pay Google for it, however it does take time & significant work to get there.

Another option is to use Google Ads. For Therapists websites this primarily means using Google Search Ads. This works by targeting certain keywords e.g “Couples therapy”, and then bidding on that, each time a person clicks on that add you pay Google a price. Hence why it’s also known as Pay Per Click (PPC). There’s a few different strategies beyond PPC which we also use, but let’s keep it simple for now.

It seems easy, but actually is quite a complex process to get right. For example you don’t want your ads to show for Physical or Massage Therapists as that would waste your money.

I’ve years of experience in getting the best out of Google, I’ve managed over £10 million in advertising spend so know how to target and spend this the best way to get a return on your investment.

My Approach

My approach, like any good therapist, is to listen. I need to understand what you want to achieve and the theraputic services that you provide. As well as listening, I’m also going to be asking you a lot of questions to gain insight into your practice and the clients you work with.

I’ll employ the latest cutting technology in Website design & development, and use all my years of Google Ads experience to make sure you get a Return On Your Investment. Both of these will deliver clear measurable financial benefit to you and your business,. This will allow you to focus on what you do best, work with your new and existing clients to deliver life changing therapy.

I will only engage in marketing practices that are ethical and ensure client confidentiality. Therefore I don’t believe that remarketing / retargetting of website visitors is appropriate for Therapists, Counsellors or Psychologists. I will only engage in SEO and Google Ads that don’t expolit a clients situation, and will only run campaigns that work within ethical boundaries.

Website Design

Conversion Rate

Whats conversion rate? This is the % of people that visit your site and take an actions that you want, by booking an appointment or sending you an email.

The primary purpose of you website it to deliver new clients for your therapy practice. We build websites with this is mind. From the flow of the information, the call to actions (CTA), how we design contact forms through to the entire structure of the wesbite design. Using the latest research and technology we’ll optimise your site.


WordPress is the world leader in website design and development. 35% of all websites are built using WordPress. 60% of all sites that use Content Management Systems i.e. websites that are simple and easy to updates, and create new content, use WordPress.

It’s the leader in it’s class, and once created allows the website owner to change and create their own content. This training comes as standard in all our website packages.”

Divi Theme

“Described as “the most popular WordPress Theme” and the “ultimate wordpress page builder” in the world. The numbers don’t lie, with over 2.1 M websites (and counting) in the world using this premium WordPress theme.

What’s more, it normally costs $89 a year to maintain your license and get all the latest updates, but with us this comes included with all our packages and is FREE for life.”

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I’ll provide an in depth analysis of your current website & paid marketing strategies, producing clear actionable insights.


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